The Four Temperaments. The Phlegmatic

The Phlegmatic


The phlegmatic lives in his own world, where everything seems silent and peaceful. Sometimes you might have the feeling you’ve lost him/her or that he/she is not present because of his/her self-sufficiency, but you will be wrong. The phlegmatic is always there listening, quiet and friendly, open to making a joke out of everything, especially out of the work that requires too much effort. Because the phlegmatic doesn’t usually like to move nor work too much; but when he/she does move, you have to respect his time, that might take a while, compared to all other temperament types. The phlegmatic likes tasty food and good fragrances and can spend the whole day enjoying small life pleasures such as sleeping, reading or eating. The most important gift of the phlegmatic is the strong inner balance he brings around, a balance that survives many challenges and struggles that not many people can cope with easily.

Relationship to other temperaments

The phlegmatic needs peace and understanding among people in his social environment. He/she is very friendly and trustworthy, the phlegmatic likes to listen to people’s stories and one can rely on his/her stability. The relationship with the melancholic is the most comfortable for him/her, but he/she can find understanding for the sanguine’s dynamic nature and build good friendships with him too. The choleric is at times annoying to the phlegmatic because cholerics do not respect his/her space by being too pushy or too fast; the choleric also talks too loudly and is impolite to people – the phlegmatic might argue. The company of the phlegmatic creates a ‘Zen’ atmosphere in every office or house. This temperament is connected with balancing the others and bringing peace and positivity into the world; when the phlegmatic cannot find his social role, the phlegmatic will become lazy and tired, he/she will give up his/her jokes and hide in his/her own inner hidden world.

Balancing the phlegmatic’s gift

The phlegmatic trusts friendships and their stability, so he/she suffers when friendships cannot last. The phlegmatic is influenced by kindness and care and suffers when he sees injustice in the world. When all his/her patience, goodwill and inner peace cannot find a way into the world, the phlegmatic will turn to the inner life like a withering flower. The phlegmatic temperament is the greatest help in expressing one’s higher self impulses for the world by bringing harmony and balance among others, many times by taking a step back from his own needs in order to make others happy and fulfilled (an attitude that could become destructive if overdone).

Articol de Prof. Dr. Sebastian Stănculescu

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