The Four Temperaments. The Choleric

The Choleric


The choleric is always giving unrequested advice to others’ problems because he knows what is best for everyone. He speaks loudly and is determined and many times has an aggressive tone. When asked why he speaks so loudly, a choleric usually shouts back at you that he doesn’t speak loudly at all. Always active and having the best ideas to start new things and new projects, he is stubborn and fights on the wrong side of the battle field, often hurting the ones he loves most. Being very impulsive and having access to a strong will power, he takes on many responsibilities and is usually trustworthy and perseverant, even when an idea does not lead to a good end for him or others. The most important gift of the choleric is the strength of his will.

Relationship to other temperaments

The choleric needs space to manifest his will impulses and power. He must find an activity that requires this strong will and needs to express his need for action and change, otherwise he will feel frustrated for not having the opportunity to offer his ideas to the world. The choleric can become impulsive and aggressive when his will power is kept inside and does not find a way to act in the outer reality. He has neither patience nor tolerance to the others’ needs or rhythm of action, because it is in the nature of will itself to flow fast and go towards the future with determination. One must know that the choleric gets angry easily and can become rude, but after five minutes he regains his inner calm and forgets what upset him, acting peacefully as if nothing happened.

This is mostly painful for melancholics who are not able to forgive and often take things personally. The choleric makes a good party with the sanguine, as they are both active in the social field and have a faster rhythm of action. The most difficult relationship is that with the phlegmatic, who is too slow and too silent for the choleric’s structure and understanding. The choleric has a great capacity to change the world and break the walls of the past in order to open new perspectives. This temperament is connected with social life activities and when he cannot find his balanced leading role for others, the choleric will suffer a lot, as all his will power will turn against himself and destroy his dignity, his strength and often his determination.

Balancing the choleric’s gift

The choleric will feel good when asked for advice. He likes to be helpful and lead projects and initiatives. But this can sometimes make him a tyrant for the ones he leads. The choleric reaches his balance when he overcomes his own will to rule and tell others what he thinks is best for them, as this is only the shade of his gift. The choleric temperament is the greatest help in expressing one’s higher self impulses for the world when he decides to be the care giver for others, the protector of good and the helper of the weak.

Articol de Prof. Dr. Sebastian Stănculescu

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