The Four Temperaments. The Sanguine

The Sanguine


The sanguine is always smiling and laughing out loud for reasons that are not so clear to the others around, but they all laugh along because of the joy he/she brings. Sanguines are funny and sociable, they like to be popular and have many people and interesting things around them, no matter if the people or things are just there for two minutes or for a lifetime. Everything is loud and dramatic for a sanguin but, fortunately, all sadness lasts for about two minutes due to a superficial general mood. The sanguine likes telling jokes and stories and he/she is often exaggerating in order to attract more public attention around him/her. She/he needs appreciation and good feedback from others, as she/he is addicted to his/her fans. The sanguine is usually late and loses important things such as keys, watches and even kids, because he/she doesn’t do well with serious responsibilities. The most important gifts of the sanguine are his joyful and sensitive openness to the world and his capacity to create connections.

Relationship to other temperaments

The sanguine needs many people around and longes for the joy of everyday life experiences. He likes to be near other sanguines, as they will also laugh and talk a lot, creating joyful environments. The relationship with the choleric is the most dynamic because it brings action and movement into their lives. Melancholics can’t accept the sanguine’s being late, superficial talk or lack of responsibility manifested through losing or forgetting important things. Because the sanguine does not like the melancholic’s seriousness and critical mood, it is challenging for the two to meet in a relationship as a couple. But if they are in a relationship, both have much to learn from each other. The phlegmatic is no fun to the sanguine, but both have a good sense of humor and like friendships and happy people. This temperament is connected with social life activities, as is the choleric and, when he/she cannot find his/her social role, the sanguine will suffer because all the need for connection will cause sadness, lack of energy and even illness.

Balancing the sanguine’s gift

The sanguine suffers when things are too serious and when loneliness appears in his life. His/her task is a social task and many times will attracts people by making new friends every day and telling them stories and jokes to make them happy. But out of the need to receive attention from others, the sanguine easily becomes superficial and hides the truth or exaggerates many of his/her ‘stories’ in order to be popular and funny. The sanguine temperament is the greatest help in expressing one’s higher self impulses for the world when he/she works for others in helping them connect with the world and find the joy of living and the optimism and positive mood in all life’s challenges.

Articol de Prof. Dr. Sebastian Stănculescu

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