About Sebastian Stănculescu

My mission is to bring a real contribution to the development of consciousness, of responsibility and maturity for those around me in order to help them become free, moral and noble human beings. I believe in truth and in good more than in personal comfort and on this basis I consider myself a free individual, feeling thankful for my everyday work. The most special moments of my professional life are the times when a client or a student enters my office with a noble look on his face, with his back straightened and his heart full of trust telling me that he has found the meaning of his life. For these moments all effort proves worthwhile.

Prof. dr. Sebastian Francisc Stănculescu (AM, PHD)


  • Over 2500 public lectures and workshops;
  • Over 500 seminaries on self development and spiritual development;
  • President at Consciousness Development Psychology Association;
  • Associate Professor at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences;
  • Image mentoring and organisational counselling for private business and NGOs;
  • Personal development counselor, group trainer and life coach;
  • Author.


  • BAs in Philology and Psychology;
  • AM in Communication and Literature;
  • PHD in cultural antropology and ritualistics at University of Bucharest (Romania);
  • individual and group biography counselling training.


Metamorphosis of Solar Deities in Romanian Mythology (2009) – Romanian only ISBN 973-96356-8-7

Anthropogony in Romanian Mythology (2010) – Romanian only ISBN 978-973-87502-9-6

The Call for the Spiritual World (2011) – Romanian only ISBN 978-606-8358-15-4

The Hymn of the Getai(verses) (2012) – Romanian only ISBN 978-606-92975-0-6

The Unseen Beings (2012) – Romanian only ISBN: 978-606-8358-61-1

What is Initiation (2014) – Romanian only ISBN: 978-606-704-080-7

Travels Between Worlds. A Mythological Approach (Univers Enciclopedic, 2017), Romanian onlyISBN 978-606-704-377-8

Spiritual Practice for the Development of Consciousness. A Practice Guidebook. (to be published)

Meaning and Life Mission. A Guide to the Development of Consciousness (Univers Enciclopedic, 2017) – ISBN 978-606-704-378-5

Spiritual practices for the development of consciousness (to be published)

The Fortification of the Self or about the Inner Strength.  (to be published)

The Fairy tale and the Life Story.  (to be published)

Treatise of Compared History of Universal Religious Archetypes.  ( to be published)

About the Setting and Development of the Therapeutic Process  (to be published)

Group Therapy in Consciousness Development Psychology.  ( to be published)

Working with the Temperaments.  ( to be published)

Depression as fellow journeyman.  ( to be published)

Pathology of the Psychic Life in Consciousness Development Psychology.  (to be published)

The Threshold and the Abyss of Existence.  (to be published)