Meaning and life mission de Sebastian Stănculescu

Dear friends,

‘Meaning and Life Mission. A guide to the Development of Consciousness’ is available now as both printed version and e-book on Amazon.

May it be useful to those who need it!

Table of Contents

I. First steps
First part: Self knowledge
II. The threefold human being: body, soul and spirit
III. The threefold soul forces: cognition, affectivity and will impulses
IV. The four temperaments and the human I
V. The Human Double. Layers and aspects of the hidden personality
Second part: Self development
VI. Working with the needs of the physical body
VII. Working with the needs of the soul
VIII. Developing consciousness over the soul forces
IX. Transforming the Double
Third part: Spiritual development
X. Training higher consciousness states
XI. Humanity and the other realms of nature
XII. Archetypes of the Ancient planets
XIII. Life Mission and Meaning

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