My mission is to bring a real contribution to the development of consciousness, of responsibility and maturity for those around me in order to help them become free, moral and noble human beings. I believe in truth and in good more than in personal comfort and on this basis I consider myself a free individual, feeling thankful for my everyday work. The most special moments of my professional life are the times when a client or a student enters my office with a noble look on his face, with his back straightened and his heart full of trust telling me that he has found the meaning of his life. For these moments all effort proves worthwhile..

Prof. dr. Sebastian Stănculescu

Summer School 2017: Meaning and Life Mission

Bun venit în locul unde poți găsi informații despre formările, proiectele, conferințele sau workshop-urile coordonate de mine! La secțiunea „Resurse” se află articole și postări pe blogul meu. Aici poți vizualiza și „Calendarul evenimentelor”. La secțiunea „Formări” sunt descrise trainingurile intensive de grup: autocunoaștere, dezvoltare personală și dezvoltare traineri.

Pentru a mă contacta în vederea stabilirii unei ședințe individuale sau organizării unui eveniment unde dorești să mă inviți ca lector sau facilitator, intră în secțiunea „Conferințe/prelegeri”.

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Feedback from participants:

I received the impulses i needed to unfold a creative force, a new strength – Andreea, Bucharest

This course brought me a very important life experience that not only developed my thinking and affectivity but that also helped me discover new parts of myself – Daniel, Bucharest

On my way to knowing the others from the group I managed to know myself and improve what I truely am, looking at my qualities and my weaknesses. What I find most extraordinary is that despite the fact that we are so different, during the training we can feel and think in harmony. And that is one of the wonders of life that I found here. – Anca, Oradea

I received gifts for both my heart and my mind – Victor, Bucharest

What have I received at these meetings? I have a better attention for nature, I am more aware of things around me, more realistic, and I have more understanding and calm for the people around me. – Magda, Oradea

Complex, profound, creative  – Lucia, Bucharest

I was firstly impressed by the atmosphere we were all in. It kept us closer and offered us useful life experiences for every day problems. – Radu, Bucharest

Working together at the training was to me a practice of introspection and development of consciousness – Delia, Bucharest

The workshop helped me understand myself better, accept myself and become more responsible with the way I think and act towards the others. The practices helped my find inner peace and my own spiritual path. Thank you heartfully! – Alina, Cluj

I was very impressed of the workshop these days and have found answers to many questions about myself, about the Earth, about life itself – Alexander, Bucharest

The workshops help me a lot in becoming aware that every thought, every gesture, every word of mine has an echo somewhere in the universe. The exercises I practiced here are to me a great help in transforming myself to a better person. – Eugenia, Oradea

The changes I go through were more clear to me after the course and I am more present and prepared to deal with the exams of life. During the process I started from the excitement of discovering inner activities to the calm observing of what leaves quietly inside me every day. And this was wonderful! Thank you for all that you do for us! – Dana, Timișoara

At the workshops I developed more self trust and new inner resources. I started to understand the others better, to have more patience and more openness to helping the ones around me.  – Edith, Brașov

Sebastian Stănculescu