My mission is to bring a real contribution to the development of consciousness, of responsibility and maturity for those around me in order to help them become free, moral and noble human beings. I believe in truth and in good more than in personal comfort and on this basis I consider myself a free individual, feeling thankful for my everyday work. The most special moments of my professional life are the times when a client or a student enters my office with a noble look on his face, with his back straightened and his heart full of trust telling me that he has found the meaning of his life. For these moments all effort proves worthwhile..

Prof. dr. Sebastian Stănculescu

Summer School 2018: Strengthening the Self and the Meaning of Life

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The atmosphere, the intimacy of the meetings, the vast and well structured concepts that were so well explained for participants that were more or less familiar with notions of development psychology, history of mentalities or anthropology have determined me to take part at the training. The equal opportunities that Sebastian Stanculescu inspires people in self knowledge creates an environment where one can easily fit in as a cell in a spiritual microcosm within the wonderful group mood created at every session.

Adina Iliescu, Psychologist, General Manager

My encounter with Sebastian Stanculescu’s self knowledge and conscious development training has been a great challenge to me as a trainer and group leader. The method used, the pedagogical charisma, the clarity and simplicity of the lectures, the deepness of the practices have been to me of great help in my work with groups. Descending from the academical language to a simple life approach, these sessions have been to me resources of inspiration, inner development and responsibility.

Remus Danut Mitrut, Group Trainer, Teacher and Personal Development Facilitator

Working together with Sebastian Stănculescu in summer schools, training, workshops and counseling is helping me take real steps in my personal development. The exercises are producing profound effects in my inner life although they seem simple. Sebastian’s knowledge, understanding, charisma and will to do Good are inspiring me to contribute to the life of people around me.

Ioana Perieteanu, Project Manager (IT)

Joining the workshops and training of Sebastian Stanculescu helped me discover and understand what was happening in the depths of my soul and mind. I was leaded to look back at my life from a new observer’s consciousness and develop a better management of my intra-psychic life in such a way that I myself can be more useful in the lives of those that need my help in my daily activity.   This was the most relevant self knowledge training I have gone through so far because it goes beyond psychology concepts and reaches deeper experiential layers of the soul life. Consciousness Development methods are ways to healing and becoming, ways to help one reveal his highest self/potential.

Roxana Pana, Psychologist

My biggest quest for meaning brought me to Sebastian Stanculescu’s workshops and lectures. What I value the most about the way Sebastian trains people is the freedom that he offers to all of his students no matter their current level, pursuits, challenges or knowledge. Sebastian not only doesn’t disband the individual background, but he actually encourages you to explore and to find which path is most suitable for you and at the same time continues to offer you answers and resources during his classes. Working together has always thought me more about myself then individual work. It is a true and rare gift to create the suitable space and bring the right people together. The way he approached the financial aspect of the training – money should not be an obstacle on joining any event – has also been important to me as a way of working freely. Even though I am sure this hasn’t been easy for him, his endeavor has always made it achievable. Sebastian thank you for showing me that all this is possible!

Ioana Petrescu, Administrator and Project Manager

My understanding of life has changed throughout the training. During the personal development process and also in my work with my clients I found a deeper spiritual perspective standing behind the human dimension of my activity. A new consciousness state on life itself has developed as a new perspective. Something higher sudently rose within myself and in my clients. Beyond my personal and professional development something more important had happened to me during the training. In the groups I joined I found people that were just like me, so I could find support in this understanding of the other human being standing beside me. In some of the taught moments of my life I found support, a new impulse for life, I found hope. Then I realized we can never be alone as long as we learn to work in this way.

Cristina Mirică, Psychologist and Trainer

Sebastian Stănculescu manages to create a living self knowledge process during the training, where every participant feels present. The knowledge he teaches becomes activity that involves the whole human being starting from the senses through music, poetry, painting, clay modelling or Bothmer movement and so on. During this complex process of learning that is well structured and mastered in details by Sebastian each participant is leaded towards humanity itself, becoming more tolerant and communicative.  

Daniela Lazar, Doctor and Biographical Councillor

Sebastian has facilitated a warm and securing environment, open for sharing. With every new workshop Sebastian brings a new impulse to a deeper and deeper self knowledge process. 

Amalia Gabor, Psychotherapist and Biographical Councillor