Intensive training for Consciousness Development


The training is meant for those that wish to develop new consciousness strengths in order to become more balanced, free and useful people for those around them. The course addresses to the need for a deep change and transformation for the seeker of meaning and motivation in his/her life.

After having had a self knowledge experience, one must take further steps into the development of new inner capacities. This training is the place where one works with the opening of new horizons in the field of a wider consciousness ability.


The three year training consists of modern techniques of self observation and self development that are used for increasing one’s self control. In the practice we gain a better relationship with ourselves and the psychic processes going on at the deepest levels of consciousness. Working in groups helps us observe not only our own inner processes, but also those of others, so that we can better understand the archetypal activities in the depths of our being.

  • The training takes the participants to three steps of inner transformation:

  • a) understanding the structures and processes of the psychic inner life;

  • b) practicing the inner balance and management of the inner activity;

  • c) developing new abilities of social art such as empathy, listening, understanding.

  • Why

  • During the training the participants will be leaded through group and individual processes such as:

  • –   growing self confidence and trust in one’s own abilities;

  • – development of the capacity to find and inspire inner balance in daily life situations;

  • – becoming aware of one’s own behavior patterns and changing them according to his/her own life principles;

  • –  healing the wounds of the past and overcoming the past harmful experiences;

  • –  discovering means of a more efficient work with the others;

  • –  enhancing communication in professional relationships;

  • –   developing one’s own projects for self and organisational development.

  • Program

  • Canion-Horoaba-1All modules of the training take place during four intensive weekends a year in groups of 15 to 25 participants, Saturdays, from 10:00 to 17:30 and Sundays from 10:00 to 14:00.

  • The schedule of the whole training is set for the whole three year  period of training, for all twelve modules.

  • New groups usually start every year, the registrations being taken into account in the order of submission.

  • Costs

  • The normal participation fee is 330 Euro/person/weekend module. In every group we offer the possibility for two participants to ask for a low cost up to 60 Euro/person/weekend module.

  • Registration

  • Registration takes two steps:

  • 2)  writing your own life biography starting from birth up to the present in a 3 to 7 page text.

  • Structure

    • I – Introducere în cultura și spiritualitatea universală. Istoria religiilor și tradițiilor inițiatice.
    • II – Exercițiile interioare și dezvoltarea vieții interioare.
    • III – Omul și structurile eului: Umbră, Pseudo-eu, Eu și Super-eu.
    • IV – Umbre și reflectări. Straturi ale umbrei și pseudo-identitățile omului.
    • V – Provocări și limitări între subiectivitate și educarea obiectivității.
    • VI – Meditația și tehnicile meditative în dezvoltarea conștienței.
    • VII – Liniștea interioară și echilibrul interior. Structura lumii interioare.
    • VIII – Eul cotidian și Super Eul.
    • IX – Prezența eului și abilitățile sociale. Forțe în cuplu și familie.
    • X – Eul în comunitate și pericolele eului colectiv. Grupările și estomparea individualității.
    • XI – Comunitatea și forțele care acționează în comunități.
    • XII – Îngrijirea proceselor sociale și echilibrul.