Intensive training for self knowledge


The training for self knowledge is destined for those that wish to start having a closer look at the challenges they encounter, wishing to understand and heal the wounds of their past experiences, to cultivate inner silence and to discover new inner dimensions.

Taking part of the training requires an explicit intention to take over one’s own life and work with your self in order to become free individuals. This brings us to a deeper level of self knowledge not only by self reflections but also by meeting the experiences of others, that are so important in deepening our own biography.


The program of two years training takes one through the core stages of his development from the early childhood to the youth crystallization of one’s personality by self knowledge, self development and biographical research special exercises. The training starts from the early childhood and focuses on it’s stages as most of man’s frustration, complexes, dissatisfaction or expectation lead back to specific life experiences where we will find a healing starting point in order to develop the full potential of the inner strengths that we need in the present adult life.


The training targets finding inner resources for the future self development and social skills, reaching for answers to fundamental questions of life such as:

– How do I create an inner balance?
– How do I become aware of my true inner needs?
– How do I develop to my true highest potential?
– How do I find a profound way from my own needs and concerns to those of others?


All modules of the training take place during four intensive weekends a year in groups of 15 to 25 participants.

The schedule of the whole training is set for the whole three year  period of training, for all twelve modules.

New groups usually start every year, the registrations being taken into account in the order of your submission.

The training is structures in nine weekend modules:

1) Cine sunt eu? Temperamentul. Genealogia. Domeniile vieții.
2) Oglinzile vieții și personalitatea. Dezvoltarea personalității între umbră și super-eu.
3) Identificarea și eul autentic. Mecanisme psihice de apărare-adaptare. Ipostaze și roluri.
4) Prima copilărie și încrederea. Adaptarea senzorio-motorie. Vindecarea copilului interior.
5) Cunoașterea naturii și omului. Adaptarea la regulile sociale.
6) Încrederea în sine. Modelele sociale și educația.
7) Consolidarea imaginii de sine. Lupta pentru idealuri, identitate și spațiu personal.
8) A-ți lua viata în propriile mâini. Nevoile interioare și îngrijirea acestora. Patologie și sănătate.
9) Problema moralității și a sensului vieții. Tehnici în autocunoaștere.


The normal participation fee is 330 Euro/person/weekend module. In every group we offer the possibility for two participants to ask for a low cost up to 170 Euro/person/weekend module.


Registration takes two steps:

1)   sending an email at

2)  writing your own life biography starting from birth up to the present in a 3 to 7 page text, using your handwriting.

For more information email us at

Formarea nu reprezintă o formă de formare profesională. La finalul cursului, participanții vor primi o diplomă de participare emisă de Asociation for Consciousness Development Psychology. Diploma nu este recunoscută de Colegiul Psihologilor din România, formarea neavând credite profesionale.